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IN JEConsulting we create solutions for your growth thinking to realize your dreams.

We are convinced that for growing a business need and value the commitment of the parties and form a company, where companies and professionals bring their best to look for new alternatives and markets in which we could reach alone. Therefore, we believe faithfully in the business synergy, since it represents a potential for growth and improvement that can assume our businesses are varied, so it is important to create a strategic business vision.

Always endeavor to take advantage of all parties that we have at our disposal in order to obtain the greatest overall benefit in exchange for the same or lower cost.

We seek to help organizations develop their own internal culture of innovation and internalize in your company to achieve your vision.


En Jeconsulting seek to focus on a strategy of global design entrepreneur. Making a positive impact through i + d + i.

Our work is based on the needs, desires and aspirations of people, as well as the impact on the ecosystem, seeking its integration with the planet.

Our services

We bring to each project a global perspective, with world-class capabilities and local sensibilities. Our multidisciplinary purpose is to make a difference in the lives of people to potentiate their families, their communities and their nation on integration with the planet.

Services to individuals

Energy efficiency consulting

Environmental audits and energy audits

Energy optimization and billing

Certificate of energy efficiency in homes and premises

Lighting studies

Management and processing of grants and subsidies

Technical reports

Previous reports to the purchase or rental of housing

Designing and building permits

Services to companies and institutions

Energy efficiency consulting

Projects and works licenses

Projects of classified activity, prior communication of classified activity, technical documentation for the declaration responsible for starting activity and / or conditioning of premises

Development and control of the execution of installation projects

Fire protection

Sanitation (plumbing and sanitation)

Air conditioning


Alternative energy projects and sustainable energy sources

Special installations

Solutions for compliance with the CTE DB

Documentation and technical reports

Technical Reports

Graphics plans and documentation

Services to owner communities

Energy efficiency consulting

Inspection of thermal installations, RITE

Inspections of thermal installations

Energy Management / Energy Audit

Thermal installations reform

Energy Efficiency Certificates

Optimization of energy bills and contracts

ITE - Technical Inspection of Buildings

IEE - Building Assessment Report

Thermographic studies

Management and processing of grants and subsidies

Search for funding

Our abilities

It's always good to customize the identity of what you want out of your dream. Experience, positioning, design and identity are our top to create a competitive brand.

We seek to establish your business DNA and make the experience an important part of your customer loyalty.

  • Strategic segmentation
  • Ethnography
  • Developing insights
  • Ad-hoc research

We are bringing the brand to more people understanding them, understanding them and giving them a value despite being far from your environment, thanks to digital networks.

  • User experience design
  • Information architecture and visual positioning
  • Usability research platform leveraging Tech era

We integrate the culture of the company to the business sense, talent and teamwork to achieve sustainable progress.

  • Experience strategy
  • Innovation capabilities
  • Development of competitive talent
  • Process and methodology innovation

For an audience looking for novelty, the useful and the experience of the differential

  • We develop concepts
  • We design products
  • We customize the language and new experiences

Because experience has feelings, we focus on models of humanization and inclusive deal. Feeling good is it right

  • User Experience
  • Business model innovation
  • Process innovation and efficiency

Implement a comprehensive plan linking each branch of marketing. Ideal for companies and projects that want to start with a new view of things from the beginning.

  • Marketing 360º
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Marketing advice and consultancy
  • Marketing plan
  • Communication 360 (BTL - ATL, POP, PR)
  • Online marketing
  • Communication
  • Web design

Resources are important, so think of those companies that do not have a big budget or permanent staff, but want to have a mixed team of marketing professionals.

With our marketing we will provide integrated outsourced looking for alternatives to the conditions that give value and recognition of existing projects and sustainability of the idea generating solutions.

  • Mixed team of experts
  • Solutions
  • Optimization of resources and time
  • Marketing tailored and specific

We deal with your brand, develop its image always from the point of view of marketing in the appropriate place and manner.

Logo, image and colors. Identity development, personality and Brand Equity

  • Corporate elements design
  • Advertising material

We think the physical location of a brand responds to an image, space, distribution and impact. These elements are supported by an objective and synergy, for which we design structures and spaces that accompany your dream.

  • Accessibility and visual impact
  • Implementation stand modules
  • Emplacement and rotation design
  • Visual traffic management and travel
  • Strategic distribution sections and areas
  • Redesign and implementation of PV
  • Fairs, exhibitions, press conferences, award ceremonies brand, product launch and any place where the brand wants to have presence

Because the future is to globalize and reach beyond your brand positioned in the world of the web. The present and future of brands is there, talk consumers looking for you in many ways. We talk about dynamic markets.

  • Email marketing
  • Banner advertising campaign
  • Emplacement and rotation design
  • Google Adwords Strategies (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • SEO
  • Design, development and web content

As the basis of our pillars sustainable profitability gives us business success, therefore we combine financial analysis and planning. It is to be sustainable and remembered in time.

  • Business strategic planning
  • Design and development of business processes
  • Financial analysis
  • Training and selection FFVV