What is JEconsulting?

In JEConsulting, we are convinced that lasting success is built on trust and thinking of growth as teams that contribute to the common goal, for that purpose we work intensely in building strong and lasting relationships, respecting and contributing with each one of them of Our interest groups.

It is a constant concern for us to return to sustainable companies over time by renewing our commitment to tomorrow with those who come, preserving the culture and the environment, innovating with new technologies and methods that help decontaminate and protect the environment in a Responsible and inclusive social environment in the value chain.

JEConsulting is located in San Miguel, the new financial center of Lima, connecting the large network of small and medium-sized businesses between Callao, the thriving commercial area of northern Lima and financial districts like San Isidro and Miraflores.

Our services

We create solutions for your growth thinking about making your dreams come true, developing a dynamic and competitive environment, to better serve its customers without neglecting the desired profitability


We had fun working together and shows ideas and innovative items to captivate your audience user at the forefront of the market.

Start Up

Gestated and accelerate your dreams so that manage to develop your potential and manage a basic solid framework for the growth of your business.


We are committed to change for the benefit of the planet and humanity, designing projects to commit to the environment contributing to the reduction of pollutant effect.



We balance your business adequate funding or finding an investment partner to grow your business.


We produce innovative ideas to highlight essentially your goods or services and achieve open new markets.

Inbound Marketing

We have the most advanced technology platforms designed to connect your product to the world.




Human talent

Sustainable profitability

Our mission

"Providing solutions to businesses with access to the best technological tools to promote the development based on the contribution of a highly trained to support the growth of industry in the global market and process innovation team innovative activities that allow adding value and continuous performance."